Ref. N°.:  402 071006
Masseria Mazzagalline
Property type: masseria
Price: € 180,000
Region: Puglia
Province: Bari
City: Putignano
Area: hill
walls: to repair
roof: to repair
floor: to repair
dimension: 256, terrain: 119000, floors: 1, rooms: 11, entrances: 2, parking: yes, cellar: yes, garage: yes
Masseria Mazzagalline, with its land, is set on a charming position on a hill that dominates the countryside between Putignano and Gioia del Colle.
The building has the aspect of a stone-built rural house but after having had a closer look at the property, one gets the feeling of having found something unique.
The original structure can be divided into two main parts; one for living and another one for stables. The latter ones used to be covered by single-pitched roofs with wooden frames, one of them fallen together with one of the walls and now it is possible to see a sequence of stone-built niches usually used as mangers .
The part that was used for living is more solid and with vaulted ceilings, protected by original "chianche" and more recent tiles. This part also contains some essential elements for peasant life, such as wells and a large fireplace.
The buildings' dimensions (floor area) are: 231.48 sqm for the masseria and 24.59 sqm for the dependance.

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