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“Caditoia” or “piombatoia”:
The trapdoor is on the floor of the walls or towers where in the past men were on patrol, it was used in order to pour oil or pitch on enemies.
It’s a slit provoked on the walls of fortifications, from it was possible to shoot with “archibugi”, light firearms with a long barrel; for increase the range, the loopholes splay inwards.
Subterranean Oil mill:
One of the most attractive part of this Masseria is the big underground oil mill from which it brings the name. In the past olive oil was produced in this  natural cave. Almost all fortified Masserie of Salento were built over or near wide underground caves, then adapted according to human needs: in this place millstones, press and tanks were settled. Spaces for the rest of workers were built always underground as well as stables for animals. In this cave men and animals have been worked until 1950’s. Machineries through a system of belts and pulley moved the millstones during the first 1900’s. Steam pressing are really archeological finds used by industries, they seem to stop working recently.
Tanks were excavated on the floor for preserving in olive oil. Inside this cave near the old millstones, are conserved the old agricultural tools, jars, harvest bins, wine. Inside the Masseria a perfect microclimate allows to conserve fruits and vegetables in a natural way.
Ancient sentry box.
Patrol walkway:
It’s a bulwark situated on top of the walls and bastions of the Masseria endowed with loopholes and caditoie.
The cryptoportico is a semi-subterranean gallery whose vaulting supports portico structures aboveground. It was used for building terraces.

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